Tuesday, November 15, 2016



Chemical hair relaxers are cosmetic products designed to straighten extremely curly, coiled or tightly coiled hair by breaking the disulfide bonds found within the cortex layer of the hair. Hair relaxers are frequently used in ethnic hair, a way in giving hair an easier way of styling, as requested by the clients. Sodium Hydroxide and Thioglicolate are the two most common types of hair relaxers.
Hair relaxers are marketed in two types, base or no base relaxers. Base relaxers require stylists to base the client’s entire scalp with a protective cream prior to the chemical relaxer application. No base relaxers have a protective cream built within the relaxer that settles onto the scalp according to the client’s body temperature.
During a hydroxide relaxer procedure a process called lanthionization occurs, where the curl pattern is loosened or relaxed. The cortex is thus elongated, stretching the original curl pattern, therefore making this a permanent alteration.

Sodium Hydroxide relaxers are very effective in breaking down the hair’s bonds (straightening the hair) quickly. Since it processes quickly it is also the most commonly used relaxers by professionals. Through speedy and precise application, professional stylists are able to apply the relaxer evenly, process the relaxer in a timely manner and rinse thoroughly with a neutralizing shampoo to avoid damage and potential irritation during the chemical process.
If hair is relaxed until it is bone straight, you are essentially over relaxing the hair. This removes elasticity, thus weakening the hair. Over a long period of time of continuous over relaxation, blow drying and hot curling, hair will become damaged and prone to breakage.
To avoid irreparable damage and maintain the integrity of the hair, we have created a special product, the ONESTEP Hair Rejuvenation System. It is Kerarganic's safe alternative to maintain hair straight and healthy after chemical relaxing. It’s an engineered complex of natural ingredients keeping disulfide bonds relaxed and strong, while a blend of caviar extract, amino acids, oils and vitamins repair the damages caused by chemical relaxers. The result is what you and your client want: straight, healthy, shiny and soft hair. 

Now that we have shown the best alternative to treat chemically relaxed hair and maintaining it straight without further damage, we want to recommend some steps to continue giving health back to the hair, preventing any future problems.
No matter what kind of damage the hair has, Moisturizing Shampoos and Conditioners are a must. Therefore we have developed an entire specialized line called the Kerarganic Restorative Collection, which gives damaged hair the special attention it needs for reverse damage.

Besides our Moisturizing Shampoos and Conditioners, we offer an Xtreme Repair Mask, a leave-in conditioner that is formulated to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft, which not only makes styling easier but as well as it smooths the cuticle for a healthy sheen. We also offer a Treatment Serum in our collection, a powerful combination of pure Argan oil from Morocco and sunflower seed extract. This serum is a natural healer for damaged fibers, especially for split ends. It can be easily applied before blow drying or ironing the hair, which will add shine and softness to the hair as well as prevent damages.

When following these steps in a few short months your client´s hair will be straight, repaired, healthy, soft, shiny and with many more qualities that can never be achieved with constant chemical relaxing.

Click here to see a Tutorial video that shows how to apply ONEStep and to see its wonderful results!



There are two options to dye your hair – you either go to a professional colorist or go DIY - do it yourself. And both are tricky though, especially because there are certain expectations about the look you want to have, going from one shade to another isn´t always easy.

At Kerarganic love to share helpful tips to help you get the best result possible. So here we share some ideas you can follow before and after dying your hair.

When you decide to get your hair dyed, you might either be looking for a change in your looks, hiding that annoying grey, or both. So the first step is to choose the shade you want. In case your natural hair color or foundation is darker than the color you want, it’s usually necessary to go thru a full hair color bleaching to get the desired shade, or you can get the exact shade if the color you want is darker than your natural hair color.

Now that you have picked the colors, we want to tell you about quantities. In the hair dying process it’s always better to buy more than you’re going to use so that you don’t run out before you finish. If the length of your hair doesn´t reach your neck, you should be fine buying just one tube. If it goes down to your shoulders, you should get two, if it goes to the middle of your back, it’s better to get three.

When you decide to dye your hair, we recommend that you go as many days as possible without washing your hair prior to the process. Reason being that it’s always better to do the process when your hair is dirty, because the natural oils produced by the scalp will work as a protection to prevent irritation.
If it’s a colorist who is doing the process, they’ll use their knowledge to handle the application process and timing. But if you’re going t to do it yourself, follow instructions step by step, which may vary from one brand to another.  

After you finish the process and are happy with the shade you got, it’s time to lock in the color and to repair the damages that bleaching and/or the chemicals in the dye cause to the hair fibers.
For this purpose, KERARGANIC created a unique product: our ANGEL TOUCH COLORLOCK MASK, designed to lock in color and to repair damages caused by the coloring process, restoring lost nutrients and sealing in moisture. It should be used right after coloring, then weekly to maintain color vibrancy, hair health, strength, softness and shine.

To keep your color vibrant for longer time and your hair healthy and beautiful, we created a whole range of products specific for this purpose. Starting with our ANGEL TOUCH COLOR GUARDIAN NOURISHINGSHAMPOO. This is KERARGANIC’s newest COLOR PROTECTIVE SYSTEM engineered to care for colored hair, gently cleansing and repairing damages caused by chemicals and the environment. Non-abrasive due to the absence of sulfates and salts, it prolongs color vibrancy, shine and silkiness. Rich in natural oils and extracts, it nourishes the hair, keeping the fibers healthy and strong. In your daily routine we recommend to wash your hair every 4 to 5 days, skipping a few days, since frequent use of shampoo may cause fading of the new color tone.

After washing your hair with our COLOR GUARDIAN SHAMPOO, next step is to start protecting and nourishing it with our ANGELTOUCH COLOR GUARDIAN NOURISHING CONDITIONER. KERARGANIC COLOR PROTECTIVE SYSTEM has been engineered to care for colored hair, repairing damages caused by chemicals and the environment. Carefully formulated with unique natural oils and extracts, vitamins and proteins it nourishes the hair, replenishing lost nutrients, giving the hair elasticity, strength and brilliancy while controlling undesired frizz.

For day to day protection against damages from the environment such as pollution and harmful ultra violet rays from the sun as well as heat from blow drying and ironing, we have created our ANGEL TOUCHCOLOR GUARDIAN PROTECTIVE SHIELD LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER. The protective shield is formed by the synergistic action of critical ingredients working together to keep the cuticle tightly sealed to avoid penetration of harmful elements into the hair shaft. Carefully formulated with natural oils, extracts, vitamins and proteins, KERARGANIC’s PROTECTIVE SHIELD LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER will keep your hair healthy and your colors vibrant much longer.

The final step to protect your colored hair is our ANGEL TOUCH BRILLIANCE SERUM, our masterpiece serum exclusively designed to deliver maximum shine while controlling undesired frizz. Natural ingredients known to protect hair and color against environmental damages have been added to this unique formula. As an added bonus, it acts as a wonderful heat protector during blow-dry and ironing and it will finally reveal your hair dying color result.