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Kerarganic teaches you how to identify your hair type!


When you see women and young girls in the mall, or when you hang out with your friends and classmates, you will see different kinds of hairstyles; you will also see different hair types. This is one on the reasons why Kerarganic has developed a variety of products to suit all types of hair, and also customized according to a specific hair type. 

It is always necessary that you and your stylist determine what your hair type is, in order to provide the proper treatments according to the needs of your hair. On this post we will show you a few steps to determine your hair type, as well as what it needs and how to treat it.

A hair type is easier to determine when it is clean and free of residues caused by either the environment or leftovers from chemicals and other hair care products. So the first thing to do is to "purify" your hair, that is wash it with a shampoo specially formulated to remove such residues that get stuck to the hair shaft. 

A hair type is easier to determine when it is clean and free of residues caused by either the environment or leftovers from chemicals and other hair care products. So the first thing to do is to "purify" your hair, that is wash it with a shampoo specially formulated to remove such residues that get stuck to the hair shaft.

Our Kerarganic Pre-Treatment (Clarifying) shampoo, part of our Classic Collection, has been designed for such a purpose. So after washing your hair with our Pre-treatment shampoo, let it dry naturally; that is, don't blowdry or iron it. The idea here is to see your hair in its natural state - curly, straight or wavy. Also avoid using a towel, since there is a risk for certain hair types to become frizzy, and that could mask the true type of your hair.

Once your hair is naturally air dried, look at multiple sections of it. Use the pictures below and descriptions of hair types to determine which type applies to you. Look and read carefully so that you can note the differences between hair types and can identify your hair type.

Hair types have been divided in 4 sections, each section according to specific characteristics.

We will start with hair type 1, divided in 1A, 1B and 1C.

Hair type 1 is classified as hair that has no curl pattern and is naturally straight. It tends to be shiny and oily due to lack of curls, so the natural oils that come from the scalp can reach all the way down to the hair shaft.

Hair type 1A is completely flat and has little to no body, it will not hold curls, it's straight from root to tip, many Asian hair fall into this category. 

Hair type 1B has more body than 1A, since it isn't completely flat. Most straight hair types fall into this category. This type of hair might hold curls, sporadically curling here and there. The ends could be curved slightly, unlike type 1A whose ends are completely straight. 

Hair type 1C is generally straight, has body, a few areas of not so much waves but slight bends. It shows a perfectly tousled look when it dries on its own. This look is natural and achieved without use of heating tools. The individual strands tend to be thick and coarse. 

It is common that straight hair does not requieres restorative treatments, unless it has beed dyed, because it usually healthy, so if you whish to clean your hair, we recommend you to use our Mint Shampoo Scalp & Hair Cleanser, that not only removes impurities, has multiple benefits such as hair loss prevention, and improvement of blood circulation to the scalp, among others. In case you feel your hair is too oily, we offer our Oil Control Scalp Balm, that will help you to easily control oil secretion.

Hair Type 1 has little-to-no volume and doesn’t hold hairstyles, such as waves or curls -which are the 2016-2017 hairstyle trend- from a curling iron, easily. Like most hair types, straight hair can be fine or medium-textured, so if you are looking to have a volumed hair look, you can use our Hair Volumizer Collection, that includes our Fortifying Shampoo and Conditioner - Volume Plus Biotin, isn’t only a volume enhancer but a treatment product created to stimulate the scalp to prevent thinning hair and hair loss and to promote hair growth.

Hair type 2 is naturally wavy and forms an "S" shape. It's not as oily as type 1, but it isn´t dry either.

Hair type 2A has several loose, natural looking beach waves all over; it isn´t frizzy. Type 2A hair can be easily straightened or curled when using hair care products and/or blowdryer or iron. 

Hair type 2B features waves that are clearly defined and more tightly drawn, but the hair still sticks closely to the head and doesn´t poof or bounce. This is the hair type when frizz starts to kick in. To tame this annoying frizz Kerarganic has launched the perfect daily solution, new Frizz Therapy Serum. 

Hair type 2C consists of waves that are tightly drawn, it's the frizziest type, and the hair bounces up slightly and poofs away from the face.

Hair Type 3 is the one classified as naturally curled and shaped in S type, defined without manipulation or use of hair styling products. All three types in hair type 3 tend to be dry and frizzy due to hair texture. The natural oils produced by scalp are not strong enough to reach past all of the curves and bends along the S shape of the hair strand. When wet, it can be either almost completely straight or wavy.

Hair type 3A usually features loose Shirley-Temple type curls that are often silky in texture which can be easily defined on their own.

Hair type 3B hair has curls that are more spiraled and springy than 3A. The hair is still moderately defined on its own, but it's extremely frizzy without the use of styling aids such as our Frizz Therapy Serum.

Hair type 3C has more tightly drawn and coiled curls, often highly textured. Individual strands are closely packed together, this is also known as clumping. It takes a bit of manual manipulation to get the curls evenly defined.

If you are a type 3 hair, and you are starting to think about using a straightener system, we offer a variety of options, including our Classic Collection (Clarifying Shampoo, Formaldehyde Free Organic Keratin Treatment and Reinforment Mask).

Relaxed hair is also considered a hair type, since the natural curl pattern is changed by the procedure and the hair gets a different texture than its original. However, lack of natural oils will require the use of specific hair care products for maintenance and health. Kerarganic has formulated a variety of products to care for relaxed hair, from professional non-toxic keratin treatment to maintain the hair straight and healthy, to high quality home care products to nourish and prolong straight and health, so we strongly recommend our After Care Collection (Keratine Shampoo, Conditioner, Intensive Treatment Mask, Leave-In Conditioner and Argan Revitilizing Oil).

Hair type 4 is classified as hair that is kinky and tightly curled without the defined and discernible ringlets of type 3 hair. Type 4 hair keeps the same shape whether it's wet or dry. It tends to be extremely dry due to the highly texture pattern of the hair, keeping natural oils from going farther than one or two inches down the hair shaft.

Hair type 4A is kinky and forms tight, perfectly cylindrical curls, tends to be the width of a pencil and springy in nature, the curls in the hair falls down, unlike other types in category 4. 

Hair type 4B is tight, crimpy pattern, more so than cylindrical curls. It can be confusing to differentiate from other hair types in category 4, but it's still clearly defined, its roots may not be, but the end has a clear curl pattern.

Hair Type 4C consists of a "Z" shape, zigzag pattern and tends to show little to no defined sections of hair. It is known to shrink by more than half of its length and its texture is from thin/fine to wiry and coarse.

If you have identify your hair type as a 43, either 4A, 4B or 4C, and you choose to straigthen your hair, Kerarganic offers you our Ultra Gold Quaternized Keratin System, which is an advanced treatment and smoothing formulation designed to repair hair damages and to tame curls, to reduce volume and to control frizz. Engineered with quaternized (positively charged) keratin protein particles, the negatively charged damaged hair fibers attract, absorb and retain nutrients, effectively repairing and nourishing the hair shaft. Other ingredients such as colloidal gold, bamboo extract, coconut oil, collagen, shea butter, Argan oil, proteins, vitamins and amino acids penetrate deeply into the cortex healing the structural outer and inner layers of the shaft. Contains 3% formaldehyde.

Your hair type care needs includes not only styling aids, also special treatment, even more if you have chosen to use a straightening treatment, so, we strongly recommend our Restorative Collection, that offers a Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Serum and Leave-In conditioner, with a formula especially designed to repair damaged and/or chemically treated hair, and to strengthen weak hair. Enriched with hydrolyzed keratin, Argan oil, aloe vera extract, essential proteins, vitamins and amino acids to restore hair to its healthy state.

Dyed hair, regardless how it is classified for its texture, also requires special attention to maintain color vibrancy and extend color duration. And here we've gone high. Angel Touch Color Guardian Collection is Kerarganic's brand new color care line powered by the engineered SME253 ANTI-FADE COMPLEX and an array of natural oils and extracts that protect and nourish the hair, keeping the fibers healthy and strong and color vibrant and longlasting.

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